Ballad of a Seaside Port

Peter R.T. James

Pull me another pint, Mickey
Pour me another beer
For my true love had gone sailing
My true love left me here

Another heart had pulled her close
They broke my hopes I fear
My tears stain your counter, Mickey
Pour me another beer

We had all that young ones want
We had not a care
The wars had ended, I was home
And she was waiting there

Only later after many years
His ship arrived in port
And with it came a curse for me
I knew about his sort

He soon had eyes for my pretty girl
She thought it was sincere
Weak I was, the scars of war
She saw a new hero here

At last, they started sailing
The sea is cruel you know
The ship was wrecked upon the reef
Maybe they drowned below

But the bodies washed up on the shore
One late September night
The coroner found traces of arsenic
He knew where to look, all right

That’s a hangman’s tale, you see
The bailiffs near the door
So pour me another pint, Mickey
I’ve time for just one more

Copyright © Peter R.T. James
All Rights Reserved




This is an early attempt at building lyrics for a song.
Are you a musician who wants to set this to music? Let’s collaborate!

It was a fun exercise to torture the main character.
Very rewarding to gradually reveal the tragic truth behind his declaration, “I’ve time for just one more.”